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Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning of Coke Drums

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Bulging is a common damage type in coke drums that can lead to cracks, leaks, and fires. It is also one of the primary causes of premature drum replacement. In the 2013 API survey of coke drum operators, 98% of respondents reported using laser scanning which has effectively become the starting point of most coke drum mechanical integrity management programs.

Many laser scanners utilize dated technologies that are susceptible to vibration-induced noise, requiring the use of filters that often leads to inaccurate bulging assessments; are large and bulky, requiring several operators and extensive shipping effort; and take too long to acquire needed data. In addition, laser scanning normally cannot be combined with acoustic emission testing or strain gaging monitoring.

As the only company in the world that provides laser scanning, acoustic emission testing and strain gaging of coke drums, Ameriscan uses the most advanced laser scanners to provide an accurate dimensional profile of new and in-service coke drums without the need for error-producing vibration filters. Using modern high-definition capabilities, detailed images and millions of data points are collected by portable equipment in less than an hour between coking cycles. Inspection findings help to reveal critical details including bulging dimensions and cladding failures that can be used to assess mechanical integrity as well as prioritize and guide repair efforts. In addition to avoiding unplanned shutdowns and costly failures, when multiple scans are taken over several years, historical trends can be used to conduct engineering assessments and make timely decisions about drum life extension or replacement.

Advantages of Ameriscan laser scanning service:

  • Advanced scanners with built-in vibration compensation provide accurate measurements
    without the need for error-producing filters or data smoothing methods.
  • High-speed scanners complete scanning and basic imaging in less than an hour.
  • The small portable scanners are operated by a single operator.
  • Optional high-definition photo surveys of failure-prone areas.
  • Optional on-line acoustic emission testing performed by ASNT certified engineers.
  • Optional strain gage installation and monitoring.

“Bubble View” software enables the interactive viewing of the inside of the drum using photo-like images obtained without an external light source

Ameriscan LLC is the only company in the world that provides laser scanning, acoustic emission testing and strain gauging of coke drums. For more information, please contact Steven Garcia at 281-973-5802.